Friday, November 30, 2007


Kingston Frontenacs goalies often deal with heavy traffic, but this is ridiculous.

There's no joking (OK, not much) about what happened today in Windsor with Fronts goalie Anthony Peters and defenceman Jonathan Sciacca. Both players were injured -- Peters has a broken ankle - while trying to cross a busy street in Windsor. The Frontenacs' games this weekend were cancelled, which is the right decision, and best wishes go out for a speedy recovery.

Still, what the hell? What possesses three young men, including 20-year-old assistant trainer Kurt Pearson, who was also injured, to apparently decide to cross a five-lane road against traffic in a busy section of Windsor? (All three were ticketed for jaywalking. This kind of stuff only happens to the Fronts.)
"They chose just to sprint across the road."
-- Staff Sgt. Stefan Kowal, Windsor police

Is it that bad being part of the Limestone City's Light Brigade? It's not funny, but it is just another reminder that if the Frontenacs didn't exist, Paul Quarrington would have to invent them.

At least the injuries were non-life-threatening, although Peters might be sidelined for quite a while. The Frontenacs aren't contending for the Memorial Cup, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to see them competing for the Darwin Awards.

Hockey players struck by car on Dougall (Windsor Star)

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Anonymous said...

Guess it was one of those things where you had to be there to understand what happened - a large group like that and no one saw anything - think about it - maybe you were too busy trying to bring some humour to this very serious occurence.
Peters is still in hospital and will require further surgery in a couple of months just to repair the bones and not able to walk on the leg for a few months.
But it is good that you can be positive and find humour here.