Friday, November 16, 2007


C'est la vie: The Frontenacs got pumped 6-0 tonight by the Sarnia Sting. The real kicker (well, not really) is that the game that was officiated by a former Kingston player, Joel Washkurak. It's just a cheap one-liner to say they lost 6-0 with a guy who used to play for the team reffing (and -- totally coincidentally -- Kingston had an 8-4 edge in power plays, not that it helped).

It looks every bit like a game where no one showed up. Who knows why, but it takes some of the air out of the balloon (not all, just some) and puts the lie to some of the facts-plus-fiction ("All Mavety has done since firing Bruce Cassidy Oct. 22 is take the team on a run of four wins in seven games," Ottawa Citizen) that's been perpetrated lately.

The Fronts were back to playing with 16 skaters again. Jason Guy was out after two goals and 11 minutes 15 seconds, a pretty early mercy pull.

Up next is Guelph on Sunday, who'll be coming in an angry and teed off (or at least should) after getting pumped themselves, 10-3 in Ottawa. Jamie Arniel, by the way, was not in the lineup. Junior hockey teams generally don't just let a guy jet off for the 18th birthday.

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