Saturday, November 17, 2007


Playing a waiting game is better than lawyerball, now isn't it? Carl Kiiffner has an update at Ottawa Lynx Blog on the Can-Am League situation:

Earlier this week, one of the parties involved asked for, and was granted an extension beyond the original November 14th deadline. The clock is still ticking, but time is definitely running out; (commissioner) Miles (Wolff) needs to let the other teams in the Can-Am League know whether or not Ottawa is in play in 2008.
Carl also did some major Ottawa media, speaking with 580 CFRA on Friday (he's even got audio posted!).

This is a helluva story, however it turns out. It shouldn't have had to be this hard to bring in a new baseball team, but there's a lot of politics and money involved. The Lynx also never got to say goodbye in the proper fashion. The city is culpable there, but no crying over spilled milk.

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