Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Everyone who writes for the fishwrap gets a fact wrong now and again and has it slip past the copy desk. This one from a certain Toronto baseball writer in reference to Kenny Lofton's career kind of had to be pointed out:
"He's been to the Fall Classic twice – with the Tribe in '97 and with the Giants in '02. He knows this might be his last chance."

Actually, in 1997 Lofton was with the Atlanta Braves (he was on Cleveland's 1995 pennant winner) and Marquis Grissom was the Indians centre-fielder. It's an easy enough mistake to make, although it's coming from someone who worked for the Montreal Expos in the mid-1990s. Who was their centre-fielder then? Marquis Grissom. A former Expo's somewhat prominent role in a World Series should be stamped on the brain of someone who was a devoted team staffer for many years, one would think.

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Jonathan said...

My favorite this year was when he said Rios was making less than a season. He's makes little mistakes so often it's amazing. Isn't there even an intern to fact check his stuff with a google search or two??