Monday, October 15, 2007


Rockies lead NLCS 3-0: There is no stopping Colorado, outside of a matchup with a genuine, bona fide American League club.

Nine two-out RBI across three games. Five infield hits. The Game 4 starter, Franklin Morales, could come out pitching right-handed (he's a lefty) and they would still probably win.

(Mental image that materialized after the Diamondbacks hit into a double play for the third straight inning: Recently sacked Jays hitting coach Mickey Brantley in a Bennigan's somewhere yelling at the TV mounted over the bar, "You have the right idea, Arizona. Keep swinging and putting the ball in play, they'll drop in eventually.")

There will be a Top 5 of most boring LCSes across the years. This one might be right up there.

Yorvit Torrealba (3-for-11, four RBI) or Brad Hawpe (4-for-9, three RBI) for series MVP?

Saturday -- Cleveland ties ALCS 1-1: The Indians are playing the Red Sox in the playoffs, Trot Nixon is a major factor and teams are taking close to five hours to win by games that are decided by football scores, 10-3, now 13-6. You know what that means?

It's officially the late 1990s again. Watch out for a Lou Bega comeback. No one wants that. A game that actually ends before midnight would be a welcome sign that our eardrums won't be soon be assaulted by Mambo No. 6.

Nixon coming back to bite the Bosox is long-overdue karmic retribution for another part-time outfielder, Bernie Carbo, being sold to Cleveland for 15 thousand pieces of silver in 1978. Yes, the Sox blew it that year, but some acts have to paid for long into the future. As for Éric Gagné getting the snowball rolling on the Indians' seven-run 11th inning, what's French for schadenfreude?

Fun fact: Tom Mastny, who got the win for Cleveland, was acquired from the Jays in exchange for John McDonald. That was his first stint with the Jays when he was just John McDonald, not McGlovin.

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Pete Toms said...

Practically nobody is noticing because of the low profile franchises involved in the NLCS, but the Rockies run of 20 / 21 including a one game playoff ( in 13 innings ) + 6 consecutive playoff wins is a very, very unique happening. I don't know if I've seen the likes of it before.

I'm not certain what Eric Byrnes said, but the general upshot that the Rockies are getting all the breaks is true. But then again, they're taking advantage of the breaks.

I dozed off the last couple of innings but up until then I thought the quality of play was surprisingly good considering the conditions ( kinda reminded me of AAA in Ottawa in April )