Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Baseball America correspondent J.J. Cooper says Ottawa is a "perfect fit" for the Can-Am League and that it would be "crazy" for the city to bulldoze the ballpark on Coventry Rd.

The disposition of baseball in Ottawa and that jewel of a ballpark will go down over the next few days. That's just how the prospect of doing away with such an asset to Ottawa's sporling life looks to someone steeped in minor-league baseball. Of course, when it comes to municipal politics in Ottawa, to paraphrase Joaquin Andujar, "There is one word that says it all, and that word is, 'you never know.' "

If it goes down today, good or bad, hopefully the story won't be totally lost amid the coverage of the provincial election, which is looking like a clear win for the Liberals anyways.


Tyler King said...

Gah, can't I even go to sports blogs without being reminded of what the next four years have in store for me? ;-)

sager said...

The outside world does creep into our jaundiced jocular view sometimes...

Pete Toms said...

N, I don't know why you think the fate of pro ball and our baseball stadium will be decided over the next few days. The City and the Lynx won't even publicly admit that the Lynx aren't returning!

I suspect Council will obfuscate, dither, procrastinate etc. over this for years. Remember the O Train? Remember when Mayor Watson and Council were going to bulldoze Lansdowne and hand it over to Canderel? ( I didn't until Susan Sherring reminded me recently with an excellent column ).

Even if matters aren't settled in time for Can Am in 08 I still think there will be a stadium without a tennant in 09.