Friday, October 12, 2007


Andrew Long, whose career was altered irreparably by Jesse Boulerice in an 1998 stick-swinging incident, spoke with the Vancouver Province about what to do about the Flyers enforcer:
"I know the suspension is not going to fit the crime ... I just know it. He shouldn't be allowed to play ever again. He was given another opportunity and look what he did.

"He should be suspended for life. I wanted him suspended for life, that was my only real concern. People said: 'Don't you want him to go to jail? Don't you want to sue?' I said, 'No.'

"It is a hockey incident, but it's the worst kind of hockey incident. So what do you do? You give the worst penalty. And what's the worst penalty? A life suspension."

Seems like commenter extraordinaire Dennis Prouse had a good idea yesterday when he said Long should get to decide the length of Boulerice's suspension.

Kesler not the first to suffer (Jason Botchford, Vancouver Province)

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