Friday, October 12, 2007


Rockies lead 1-0: Colorado got what's going to be the toughest game, replicating their regular mastery of Diamondbacks right-hander Brandon Webb. This was kind of dull even when the Arizona fans tried littered the field with garbage in protest of the Rockies being awarded a double play thanks to an interference call at second base.

Canada's own Jeff Francis zipped through Arizona's lineup (worst on-base percentage in the National League during the regular season) without much trouble. Good thing he started on a night when the Canadian rights holder for baseball was actually showing the game to the entire country, which it won't be tonight. On that front, the growth of broadband can't come soon enough.

The Diamondbacks might get one out of the next four games out of dumb luck or one of the Rockies starters having an off-night. Odds are the junior varsity championship series will be over and done with faster than some of the new fall TV series.

TBS play-by-play man Chip Caray's gaffe of the night came when he was talking about the Rockies' Todd Helton playing more than a decade with the Rockies before making the playoffs and said to Tony Gwynn, "Now, I know you waited a long time to make the post-season..."

Gwynn played in the World Series in 1984 -- his first season as a regular. He didn't have the heart to correct Caray.

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