Saturday, October 13, 2007


Rockies lead 2-0: Oh, it was totally worth doing the toothpicks on the eyes to see José Valverde give up the winning run in the 11th inning on a nubber up the third-base line and three walks (well, the second one was to Ottawa Lynx legend Jamey Carroll, and he had to work for it, so it wasn' all bad). National League baseball, which can leave an AL chauvinist (especially one embittered since his team wins 83 games almost every year and never gets a sniff at a playoff spot) all sneering and haughty.

The Willy Taveras catch was a game-saver, but it also occurred when Friday Night Lights was on. So it's etched on the brain a bit more than he basically handed Arizona their first run, playing the Diamondbacks pitcher, Doug Davis (or as Dave Davis, as he's known in TBS bingo caller Chip Caray's world) like one of the weaker-hitting females in mixed slo-pitch and having a garden-variety liner go over his head for extra bases. Then there was Stephen Drew's brain cramp at second base in the ninth inning that might have cost Arizona the game, not realizing he was safe and wandering away from the base. The junior varsity will always show why it's junior varsity eventually.

Red Sox lead 1-0: From the looks of it, Cleveland's 19-game winner C.C. Sabathia spit the bit. A 10-3 final probably flatters Boston a bit and seriously, though, who isn't sadistically cheering for Curt Schilling to eat it in Game 2 tonight vs. Fausto Carmona?

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Andrew said...

I'm betting on an epic collapse for Boston. But Fox wouldn't like that too much... Sorry Cleveland, but to ensure World Series ratings you have to deal with a postage stamp sized strike zone. Thanks for comin' out!