Thursday, October 18, 2007


Barry Bonds signing with with the Cincinnati Reds next season and being reunited with his former manager, Dusty Baker? That's highly specious.

Picture a lineup with declining Ken Griffey Jr. in centre flanked by Bonds and Adam Dunn, whom fly balls bounce off like raisins off an Oldsmobile. The Reds would end up becoming the first team in major-league history to switch to a four-man outfield.

Like the few, the proud still owning up to being Reds fans aren't already aghast enough over Baker's hiring.


Pete Toms said...

I've seen this Bonds to Cinci rumor elsewhere...where there's smoke there's fire? I don't see it, I think Bonds has to be bound for the AL to DH.

As for the Reds, lots of surprises, first Jocketty and then Baker.

There is a lot of opinion that Baker is the wrong hire ( I agree ) because he has a history of destroying young pitchers ( Prior, Wood & Clement ) and being impatient with young talent. Given that the Reds have a few high ceiling pitchers in the high minors - Bailey & Cueto - plus Baseball America Minor Leaguer of the year Jay Bruce, Joey Votto & Josh Hamilton all knockin on the door for regular playing time....

My only conclusion is that the Reds are using Baker to sell tickets, he is a big name Manager and given that they won't be signing any big free agents ( much of that depends on whether they pick up their option on Dunn, I say yes ) he might be the biggest "splash" they can make.

Michael said...

Barry Bonds is a great hitter. But I agree, those three in the outfield would spell extra base city in Cincy! They can all jack homers left and right, which would be fun to see though.

sager said...

The article linked to suggests the Reds could make Dunn a first baseman.... which would be totally dumb since they have Joey Votto, from Richview Collegiate in Etobicoke, Ont., who's very promising lefty power hitter.

About alls I know about the Reds is they should be trying to get rid of Dunn's contract at any cause... find an AL team desperate for a DH.

Pete Toms said...

It's my understanding that it's pretty easy for the Reds to get rid of Dunn. The Reds have an option to renew Dunn's contract for 08 at 13 million ( if my memory is correct ). Of course they would get nothing in return but the anti Dunn camp would say let him go for nothing and spend the 13 million on somebody else. Or the owner could pocket the 13 mill.

An aside, 13 million doesn't buy as much as you think. Since the end of the regular season Joel Piniero got 13 mill - over 2 years. I don't think we've seen salaries max out. Anybody wanna take a stab at what A Rod's gonna get?