Monday, September 17, 2007


The Big Lead figures that Videogate, Spygate, whatever you call the Bill Belichick-New England Patriots situation, is only going to blow up bigger this week.

Remember, scandals come from the imposition of higher standards, not the emergence of new evils. It's just human nature to suspect that it was more than one time and Nouvelle Angleterre is not the only offender. (Even the Establishment types on the pre-game shows that pander to casual fans are saying so.)

The larger point: For all his awkwardness in that interview with Bob Costas last night, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't mind having this firestorm. Anything to take attention away from the league's real scandal -- the "culture of neglect" surrounding the treatment of former players in poor health, which is going to be aired before a U.S. Senate committee on Tuesday. The NFL's players find out after their careers that they aren't bulletproof and hopefully that's true of the league.

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