Monday, September 17, 2007


Imagine -- putting baseball in a baseball stadium. A very good baseball stadium. What a novel concept.

That's what the commissioner of the Can-Am baseball league was pitching to councillors this week and he is right. That's a beautiful park on Coventry Road that the city owns and baseball is the proper use. -- Ottawa Citizen
Well, that's enough to change the link in the right-hand column to The Re-Baseballification of the Ottawa Sportscape.

Two weeks ago, the Citizen quite rightfully noted, "There is talk of independent league baseball next season but one wonders if the crowds it would draw would be visible in the 10,000 seats," but has now realized that is moot next to the danger of losing a jewel of a minor-league ballpark. That's the point that the likes of Carl Kiiffner and myself have tried to make, that the "best possible solution is the one that costs taxpayers the least and creates the least headaches."

(UPDATE: This is kismet... talk about independent leagues and the Jays sign a hitting prospect out of indie baseball, Adam Amar, a right-handed first baseman. Never heard of him, but still...)

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Give baseball a chance (Ottawa Citizen editorial)

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