Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There's two ends to the rink? That's crazy talk.

  • It's a little much to presume there is a higher power, let alone one that would cares about the outcome of sports events, but some organizing principle decided Cleveland has suffered enough: First the Browns put up 51 points, then the Indians effectively clinched the division last night with a comeback win capped by Casey Blake's walk-off home run in extra innings.

    How bad has it been for Browns? Well, this guy's jersey says almost 1,000 words.
  • Scott Niedermayer has turned environmentalist, speaking out against construction of a ski resort in southeastern B.C.
  • Dave Zirin's column denouncing fantasy football really articulates why some of the most obsessive of the sports-obsessed don't go in for fantasy leagues:

    "Behind the veneer of crunching numbers and poring over player statistics that goes into creating a fantasy team is more disengagement than involvement. Indeed, the numbers act as a moat between fantasy owner and the actuality of the game.

    "Fantasy football worships at the altar of individual achievement, an unholy distortion of what football is all about. The true majesty of football, the reason I become one with my television set every Sunday, is that it is the ultimate team sport." (Emphasis mine).
    To say nothing about having to listen to people tell you about their fantasy teams like you actually give a care. (Full disclosure: We are doing a NBA fantasy league this year, but promise not to say anything about it.)
  • Monday night football: Washington 20, Philly 12. Those of who winked out early on a field-goal fest missed Tony Kornheiser quote a great line from Steve Hirdt of the Elias Sports Bureau: "The Packers are 2-0, the 49ers are 2-0, the Cowboys are 2-0 and O.J. is in jail. It's the mid-'90s all over again."

    There would be some willingness to talk up Washington as a sleeper team, but it's already likely lost two starting offensive linemen for the season. Not good.
  • Good on Chuck Swirsky for mentioning the lack of EuroBasket coverage in North America yesterday on the FAN 590. Raptor Land said its traffic tripled when it starting posting on the tourney: "Note to Raptors TV and every other sports network. This is real basketball. Find a spot for it."

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