Thursday, September 20, 2007


In the wake of the Jays' sweep of the Red Sox, the Boston Globe's website is running a poll, "
Which of the following best describes your attitude toward the Red Sox' recent struggles?"

At this writing, "I'm on the ledge..." is outpolling "It's not a big deal" 4-1. Now, we never be so low to tamper with something as scientifically valid as an Internet survey, but if people who don't cheer for the Red Sox want to swing by vote for "I'm on the ledge," that would be super.

(By the way, it was only said in jest the other night that Clay Buchholz could just as easily be Boston's setup as Eric Gagne, but one Sox fan wants it to happen.


The Jays could bring back the 1980s powder-blue jersey as a third jersey next season... good catch by The Tao of Stieb and Uni Watch.

The powder-blue retro jersey seems to have been a good seller for the Jays this season. On the August long weekend and friend and I stopped at a souvenir stand so he could buy one, and they'd run out and had to retrieve one from another part of the stadium.

The next day, there was an impulse to buy one, but our sixth sense -- cheapness -- kicked in, so instead of a $135 jersey, we plunked down $45 for the blue-and-white retro hat. Don't worry, that savings was passed along to a young woman's educated fund (wink) soon enough.

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Pete Toms said...

I've read more than once that the Red Sox aren't using Buchholz more because they are concerned about his # of IP, in other words they want to protect this premium young arm. They aren't the only team adopting ultra cautious approaches with young pitchers. Pitching is so difficult to develop and so expensive to buy that it results in this sort of front office approach.

Having said that...if they continue to implode Theo, Bill James et al might have to change their minds....