Thursday, August 30, 2007


Now that it's OK to admit you can't find the Iraq on a map...

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, the one of Mattias Ohlund at the Vancouver Canucks jersey unveiling is saying, "I'm so sorry," 333 times in succession.

    The feedback at the local Times-Colonist suggested the Canucks could have picked any one of the fake jersey prototypes (like the one on the right) that were floating around the web last winter and received a better reaction.

    -- "I felt embarrassed for (Markus) Naslund, (Trevor) Linden, etc. No way you could be excited to play in that jersey.."
    -- "That is the ugliest combination of the two ugliest uniforms they have ever had."
    -- "It's obvious that they DON'T listen to the fans at all! We all wanted them to just go with the Stick & Rink Retro jersey as they full time uniform, but they couldn't do it."

    Remember back in the early '90s when the NFL's San Francisco 49ers proposed a new helmet design that was so poorly received they scrapped it? Maybe NHL teams could have that ear to the ground like that -- never mind!

  • Good on Perdita Felicien for her medal in 100 hurdles at the track and field worlds. Like any true Canadian, she took a victory lap after winning the silver medal.
  • Apparently Ms. Famous For Being Famous is little more discriminating than the puckbunnies Sean Avery would have encountered when he was playing junior for the Kingston Frontenacs:

    "Sean Avery has just split from his fiancée, 24 star Elisha Cuthbert, a close friend of Paris', and was keen to try his luck with the hotel heiress at Amy Sacco's LG House party in Malibu.

    "A source told the New York
    Daily News newspaper: 'He hit on her three times, but every time, Paris would give him disgusted looks and move away from his creepy shoulder-brushing and close-talking ways.

    "Then he tried hitting on other blondes. You could tell he just wanted to hook up."
    -- LondonNet

    Creepy shoulder-brushing and close-talking? Sean Avery is a regular Casanova compared to some jocks.

    A hockey player who's open to dating any kind of woman, as long as she's blond, who knew? The normal impulse is not to touch this with a composite stick, but protocol is waived when it's Sean Avery. (As for the pic: We like Elisha a lot more than P.H.)
  • Count Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star as another advocate for a shorter hockey season.
  • CFL: The Eskimos' A.J. Gass gets his suspension lifted in time for the Labour Day game vs. Calgary, just in case anyone forgot that Edmonton runs the league.

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Chris W said...

LMAO @ "leaves Avery squeezing his stick"


1) He probably saved himself some serious IR time recovering from sevreal know and some unknown STD's had he 'hooked up' with that skank, Paris Hilton!
2) Can't be good for the ego to be brushed off by the likes of that!

Dennis Prouse said...

I'll at least give the Canucks credit for staying with the traditional stripes/bands on the jersey, rather than that fruity piping. Say what you like about the logo, but at least the rest looks like a classic hockey jersey. This is the Canucks, though -- they are destined to change their look every few years, and please absolutely no one when they do so.

sager said...

That's what is so confusing. It's one of the coolest, hippest places in North America and its major team's uniform is always a fashion crime.