Friday, November 10, 2006


There was a point last night, when I was were sandwiched between the Finnish dwarf and the Maori tribesmen, checking to make sure I had correctly spelled Ottawa Gee-Gees running back Davie Mason's name (it's one S, it turns out), that we thought, "Wow, I must be the only man in Canada who's awake and blogging on CIS football."

I am much obliged to Bizz, Chappy, Cyrus, Goldenhawkfan, Marc and Mattrak -- guys from different parts of the country, none of whom I've yet to meet face-to-face -- for helping me out. Rest assured that any goof-ups are strictly mine.

So here's the previews again: Atlantic (Saint Mary's is the pick), Quebec (Concordia), Canada West (Manitoba) and On-tari-ari-ari-o (that'd be the aforementioned U of O Gee-Gees).

Which means next week, I'll have to break down the Laval-Acadia and Laurier-Saskatchewan national semifinals. Things are tough all over, eh. That's all for now. Send your thoughts to

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