Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like another JC, Jamie Campbell is a martyr ... to poor editorial policy

jamiecampbell is going, going, gone, unlike some of the warning track fly balls he initially called as home runs over the past four seasons.

Buck Martinez is coming back to Canadian sports television as, wait for it, the Rogers Jays' new play-by-play announcer. Jamie Campbell, now restored to conventional capitalization and spacing, will become some other fanbase's whipping boy-next-door once he gets re-assigned by Sportsnet.

Having Buck back is in the ballpark with repatriating his old TSN partner Dan Shulman, but it comes pretty close. Anyway, for all of the Campbell-carving that has gone in the past four seasons, it bears reiterating what was said about him two years ago.

Snark aside, don't pile on Campbell. His struggles were the predictable outcome borne out of the Canadian television industry's indifference to helping anyone hone the craft of calling baseball and basketball, the same as with whoever had the Jays gig before him (it's been repressed thanks to a radical reverse therapy). The failure is on the industry's shoulders, so spare the rod for certain blahcasters and mediocrities of the mike who sometimes spoil the fun of watching a game.

Anyway, Buck is back. This is good if the Jays suddenly need to pluck someone out of the broadcast booth to manage again. Of course, such a situation is completely hypothetical, eh, Cito?

Campbell will be calling freestyle skiing at the Olympics, which is good to hear. A full-sized adult flying through the air, he can handle.

(Don't you love how the press release says, "Sportsnet viewers most recently enjoyed Martinez's work on the 2009 National League Championship Series on TBS." Uh, did they ask?)


Archimedies said...

The name you're thinking of is "Rob Faulds" for who Campbell took over from.

sager said...

Two minutes for not reading the parenthetical punchline.