Friday, October 02, 2009

Fall of civilization

There comes a time when sports should be an escape from "normal" life. Other times, life needs an escape from sports.

Here are examples of both

Today will be a sad day in Brandon as the lights get turned off for good at a television station. Even as I work at a competing media outlet in the city, it needs to be said fewer voices doesn't mean better journalism. CKX covered local sports. They covered local news. Yet the very networks that see fit to proclaim they are saving local television fail to see the err in their logic with this move. Attempts were made to keep the station open, but how can networks like CTV claim they are trying to save local TV when they shut down local stations? I will mourn the loss of the station, and wish the staff going through a difficult time the very best. I encourage you to do the same. The station will fade to black after the 6 p.m. (Central Time) newscast.

To the drunken fans screaming in the background of Hockey Night in Canada's post-game show in Calgary: Yes, I saw you on national TV. Thank you for putting a face on the phrase, "What a jackass." I was having troubles visualizing this concept, but thanks to you, I can now see it clearly.

For all the Montreal Canadiens fans calling for Carey Price's head: Have you changed your minds or are you waiting for the winds to change again? With this number of lineup changes, I would take a wait and see attitude. Thursday's win is a win, but there's a lot of team chemistry to concoct before they can dust off the old Stanley Cup parade route. Of course, they'd have to draw up new ones for Toronto to take into account the CN Tower and the Gardiner Expressway, so feel free to enjoy the win.

To Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans and players: One win does not mean a parade in your honour. And it likely says more about your overall situation when fans would give you one just for consecutive wins.

Note to self: While choosing a couple of Eagles for the fantasy football team seemed like a good idea at the time (and it still might be, considering Westbrook and Jackson are the picks) it's a bad time for a bye week when running back Frank Gore's out and Kevin Smith faces the Bears.

Who do you start? Tom Brady, or Joe Flacco? Logic says Brady, but so far, Flacco has out-performed Brady by 17 points. And I'm already out two running backs.

The Phoenix Coyotes, owned by the NHL, trying to find a buyer. Ask anyone affiliated with the Montreal Expos how that worked for them. Good luck with that.

When a 14-year-old holds a one-shot lead at an LPGA event, you have to ask a couple of questions. Starting with: When will parents let kids be kids? Followed by: Why doesn't the LPGA have a rule stating you need to be the 18 to play?

I normally dislike watching MMA events on TV. But at work (yes, we have cable in newsrooms), a few of us saw Kimbo Slice as he took on what I would have to describe as a morbidly obese caucasian. When the fat guy wins, is that the same as hearing a woman of similar girth wearing a viking helmet and a prom dress belting out Andrew Lloyd Weber? He should consider a career change.

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