Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Brett plays dirty, then how come our conscience is so clean?

The English language really does not have a word to express the state of "laughing while also being mortified," which pretty much describes the reaction to Brett Favre bringing back the long-outlawed crackback block. The general reaction (not like everyone did not wonder) is questioning what the fallout would be if Michael Vick pulled such a stunt.

Either way, Favre might be a self-aggrandizing spotlight-hogger who also plays dirty, but since he is on the Vikings now, he is my self-aggrandizing spotlight-hogger who also plays dirty. It is an easier transition since the high-minded Vikings fan never really hated Favre, but understood and respected his role in the melodrama. That is the nature of it with a bitter sports rivalry: After a while, you come to realize the people on the other side are not evil and wrong, but they just happen to be aligned with something which is evil and wrong, like that media darling franchise in Green Bay which was grandfathered in to the modern NFL.

Who knows, perhaps ol' Brett was doing a homage to North Dallas Forty. The 30th anniversary of its release passed several weeks ago and this was his first extended game action since then.

(Sorry for the irregular posting, but the aim was to show people that Favre signing with the Vikes had not led to some kind of mental breakdown, although that could change if the rumours about trading Tarvaris Jackson are true. Besides, cisblog.ca has been taking up a lot of time.)

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Dennis Prouse said...

That defender is lucky that wasn't Hines Ward out there, or dude would still be wondering what day it is. I am a Viking fan, so I loved seeing Favre kicking it old school out there. I honestly didn't think he had it in him.