Monday, June 22, 2009

Two more seasons of 'FNL' ...

There is an off-chance some of you might be fond of Friday Night Lights (it might have been mentioned here a time or two), so it wouldn't do to not share an interview that Connie Britton did with Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello which was posted yesterday. Mrs. Coach says the series will run two more seasons it's been guaranteed, then it will be a wrap.
"In this economy, to know you have you two years of work ahead is amazing. Also, in the TV world, that almost never happens. Maybe you're lucky if you get one ... the other thing that's really great is that weknow we're going to shoot two seasons and then it's going to be done. So even for our writers, for all of us, we can really have a strong sense of a full arc that we're creating.

"I don't think there's any scenario where they will be like, 'oh, let's keep it going for another season.' Full intention is two more seasons and that will be it."
Cripes, the show's writers even know how to do the toughest thing: When to call it quits. (No, it did not slip notice that Steven Soderbergh's Moneyball will not be made into a movie just yet. It just didn't rate a post, since it's understood that in Hollywood, all that "turnaround" means is everyone turns around before they lie again.

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