Friday, May 01, 2009

OOLF Hot Audio: Mike Wilner

This should've been up here a week ago, but technical craziness (Blogger is still refusing to load the posting page properly for me, and was being silly) and me recently catching the flu conspired against it.

Either way, last week we were pleased to present the third man in the booth on Blue Jays radio broadcasts and the host of JaysTalk, Mike Wilner, on Kingston's most listened-to hourlong sports talk program. Actually his second appearance on the program, and no, I don't know why he's willing to come by my completely irrelevant show but I sure as heck appreciate it.

Here's the latest edition, with discussions of his experience at the WBC, the Jays this year, and so on and so forth:

Took the week off this week for flu reasons, but if all goes well next week we'll be joined by former Jays assistant GM Bart Given, and that interview will be thrown up here afterwards too. But to hear it live, tune into at 4pm on Friday.


Ian H. said...

Great interview, Tyler! You guys definitely know your baseball. Looking forward to hearing Bart Given on the show too.

kinger said...

Your $20 for the compliment is in the mail!