Friday, April 24, 2009

Snark break...

As you were out buying more booze. Either it's a recession or you don't think you have a problem...

The joke about how Toronto should try to get one NHL team before it angles for a second one has officially been retired, in case you hear anyone make it today. (Steve Brunt says it's too early for the NHL and the Toronto Maple Leafs to come around.)

The CFL is cautioning players about social networking. Someone a while back was pretending to be Argos running back Jamal Robertson on Twitter, which pales in comparison to the 40 guys in Hamilton who pretended to be football players last season.

Spring is a wonderful time in Ottawa. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and people are looking forward to summer, when they can complain that the bands at Bluesfest are playing too loud.

The musicians aren't supposed to go higher than 90 decibels. That's enough, right?
Veteran sound engineer Ken Friesen doubts it.

"When I'm mixing a rock show, I usually come in just about 100, with peaks at about 105. That’s like a full-on, hitting-you impact level.

"At 90, the crowd would be yelling things like, 'Turn it on.' "
Remember, it's not The Town Fun Forgot. It's The Town Fun Moved To When It Grew Up And Had A Family (glove tap: Steve Rushin).

The Hater Nation isn't too sweet on Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford becoming big-time NFL quarterbacks, so it won't feel too bad if Sanchez isn't there when the Minnesota Vikings select 22nd overall (four picks after the Chicago Bears blow their pick).

This post was worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Did everyone see that the 4/20 Family Guy episode referenced How I Met Your Mother? (They actually did it before, two seasons ago.) Peter notes, "I've only seen that show once, but how come the narration is done by Bob Saget? I mean, the main character is grown up, his voice isn't gonna change."
  • Vaughn Martin, the Western Mustangs
  • In case there isn't time to break this out, MMA could be sanctioned in Ontario sooner rather than later.

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Dennis Prouse said...

The Hater Nation is right about Sanchez and Stafford. Neither guy is a can't miss prospect -- Sanchez was not a starter for very long, and had a weak Combine. Stafford never really dominated the way you would expect a high first rounder to dominate, although one could argue that he had success in the toughest Conference in NCAA in the SEC.

I feel badly for the Detroit Lions, stuck with the number one pick in a year when there is no consensus number one, and STILL having to pay out ridiculous amounts of guaranteed money. There was serious talk that they might simply pass, thus putting the Rams on the clock and putting themselves into the number two slot. The NFL, though, would do whatever it took to avoid that embarrassment. (A rookie salary cap would help.)