Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snark break ...

The small stuff you're not sweating on this Easter Sunday ...

... who wins the Masters. Golf's fine and dandy for those who are into it, as long as they admit they're "emotionally constipated," as The Guardian's Will Buckley puts it. That's a fair deal. Remember, this is the age where you only have to admit to your hangups, not actually try to fix them.

... Rogers Sportsnet's Nick Kypreos whinging on Friday about the next NHL Winter Classic not including a Canadian team, since "it started in Edmonton in 2003." Those cursed with memory recall the NHL borrowed the idea from college hockey (Michigan and Michigan State played an outdoor game in '01) and that fans might not mind seeing two traditional U.S. rivals meet in a game on Hockey Night in Canada, since it's a break from being subjected to the Leafs every Saturday night for six months.

... the journo who said, "At long last, Ali and Frasier will get it on" in reference to Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson being in the same group at the Masters. What, you didn't know Kelsey Grammar was a boxer?

... not knowing the Tampa Bay Lightning set a NHL record by using 22 defencemen this season. Most people thought they didn't have any defencemen.

... former NHLer Theoren Fleury playing in the Allan Cup this week for the Steinbach North Stars. He wants to play, God bless him. He's a folk hero.

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