Thursday, April 30, 2009

CIS Corner: Looking out for Bol Kong

The story of Bol Kong, a Vancouver-area baller whose Sudanese citizenship has caused him much grief when trying to enter the U.S. to play college basketball, has been chronicled here and elsewhere. He is, currently, one of six commitments to the Gonzaga Bulldogs program. However, he may be the only one of those six who's not there to stay.

Gonzaga's recent acquisition of Dallas-area point guard G.J. Vilarino has excited the fanbase in and around Spokane; however, it leaves 14 players for 13 scholarships. Basically, someone has to go. All else being equal, if you were the Bulldogs and had one player whose candidacy unfortunately required lots more work than the others, who might you lean towards when choosing your odd man out?

It makes one wonder whether Kong will stay closer to home. His adopted hometown is Vancouver, and the improved TWU Spartans are but one team in that area who could use a player of his talent, but we'll leave the speculation for his basketball career (NCAA, CIS, or wherever), to those who know more. For now, it'll be good to keep an eye on Kong and see how this plays out.

(Originally posted at The CIS Blog.)

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