Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snark break...

Canada's own Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux will have their No. 31 jointly retired by the Chicago Cubs. They are the first pitchers to be so honoured by the Cubs, as hard as that is to believe from a team which hasn't won the World Series in a hundred years.

Only in Toronto would Chipper Jones' comments get dignified with a newspaper editorial (or, no offence, Cathal Kelly, a column that wasn't the least bit funny. Who is the bigger hicks, the unsophisticated ballplayer or the big-city journalists who bring the population of his hometown (Deland, Fla., pop. 25,000) into it, as if no one from a small town can have an opinion? That's pretty podunk, to quote Eddie Greenspan.

It's just as well Kobe Bryant got excused from jury duty. Before he changed his style of play, he was good at doing his thing while the other 11 people in the room were all disagreeing with him. Rick Reilly will still make that five-years-stale joke, though, dollars to donuts.

The Clarkson Cup, the Canadian women's hockey championship, is this weekend in Kingston. Kingston Frontenacs season-ticket holders should attend, since god knows when they'll ever see hockey players raise a trophy at the K-Rock Centre.

(Seriously, great event, too bad the final is on TSN2 instead of the main network.)

That was probably a pretty low blow against Fronts owner Doug Springer, eh? Springer is so proud by the Fronts' great stretch drive (10 wins in their last 27 games) that he must feel about 5-foot-9½ this morning, and why not? It's not as if there all 19 of the other OHL teams can claim at least one playoff appearance in the past two seasons and the Frontenacs cannot. (Uh, wait...)

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • Jonah Keri might have convinced us that this is the year when Gonzaga at long last goes to the Final Four. It hurts to say it, but Syracuse probably falls to Arizona State in the second round.
  • Belleville Bulls goalie Mike Murphy has signed his first pro contract with the Carolina Hurricanes. There are no doubt of a lot of best things which have happened to him, but being passed in the draft by his hometown Kingston Frontenacs has got to be in the top 20.


Lloyd the Barber said...

Good call. Chipper shoots his mouth off about the city and everyone suddenly it's okay to attack the man and an entire region of the country? Weak. Not to mention lazy.

Anonymous said...

That's what makes us (Canada) so lame. Political Correctness = no sense of ha-ha. We should try to have some fun with this, though I hate the Jays, they ought to have a Chipper Jones night, give away wood chippers, twin with whatever city Chipper is from, give away trips to each place to citizens from the other. You know, Bill Veeck kind of stuff. I didn't hear any of the comments, but come on, you're no "world class" city until you get over yourself......we get our backs up sooooooo easily.

Rob Pettapiece said...

Guys, it's Cathal Kelly, Richard Griffin's backup.

Richard Griffin's backup.

Too bad the Braves and Jays play in Atlanta this year. (Well, too bad they play at all, but that's another topic.) A "Welcome Chipper Jones Night" at the Cable Box would be great.