Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snark break ...

Down Goes Brown has a list of all the Leafs' charitable endeavours.
The Martin Gerber Second Chance Program
Out-of-work derelicts who have been deemed unemployable due to a lack of marketable skills are given an opportunity to work again. Note: Gerber himself is not actually involved in this charity; it's named after him because he was the program's first recipient.
MLSE president Richard Peddie is blaming the Raptors/TSN2 controversy on Rogers and saying he hopes it gets resolved for next season.

Guess what? As long as MLSE has a huge marketing tie-in with Rogers (and we have the mini-basketball to prove it), it's MLSE's problem too.

As you're filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket, remember that Coach K kicks small for fun and hate children.

The Kingston Voyageurs, the hometown's Provincial Junior A hockey team (do not call it Tier II), won their division last night. Meantime, Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer is carrying on like he's the cat's ass since the Fronts won 10 of their last 27 games -- more than one-third, don't you know. A wise man said it: If Larry Mavety survives in Kingston, the OHL won't.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting

  • There's a post at about today's story in the Citizen about regionals being held to decide the last three spots in the CIS Final 8. Let's just say the coaches at Toronto and Victoria should be licking their lips about the change, once they're down kicking themselves.
  • Jody O'Neill, a goalie for Dartmouth who played in the Central Junior Hockey League, was named rookie of the year in the ECAC.


Anonymous said...

I blame rogers and tsn/mlse for this mess.If tsn said ok were going from a free alt to a paid full time channel starting sept 2009.Then that would give cable and dish companys more then enough time to get things worked out.But no tsn gave providers about 30 days which really is not much of a notice.One other thing i think tsn airing some events only on tsn2 i think is upsetting more people with both tsn and rogers.As for the cable giant rogers they doa lot of stuff good but sometimes it seems they are not getting channels there customers want.There is a demand for rds hd tsn2 yet it is taking along time to add them.

Dennis Prouse said...

Do you think this might have just a little something to do with the fact that TSN is owned by Bell, Rogers' biggest rival in the cable/satellite field? I can't believe that people keep missing this obvious point.

sager said...

Precisely, Dennis. MLSE, which is part-owned by CTVGlobeMedia (i.e., Bell) has no deniability on this. They made the deal knowing Rogers was likely to dig in on carrying TSN2, since Sportsnet has nothing live left but regional NHL games.

A couple readers have made this point. Rogers is just getting scapegoated.

TSN also committed to more live programming than there are hours in the day. The bottom line, in 10 years when IPTV takes off and the cable companies collapse, we'll look back on this and laugh.