Thursday, March 05, 2009

Once a former Expo, always a former Expo

Far be it that a former Expo from B.C. would have a hate on for a ballclub based in Toronto. Canadian Baseball Network notes Larry Walker was none too happy about the "boot leg lineup" the Blue Jays fielded Tuesday vs. Canada, compared to the one they put out vs. Team USA:
"Larry Walker trudged toward the Team Canada bus outside the Brighthouse Networks Field yesterday afternoon.

" 'How many regulars did the Blue Jays use against Team USA today?” Walker asked.

"The Jays had Joe Inglett, Aaron Hill, Adam Lind, Kevin Millar, Scott Rolen, Travis Snider, Raul Chavez and John McDonald starting against Team USA.

" 'The lineup they fielded against us was embarrassing,” Walker said. “There is only one major-league team in Canada now and that is the respect that the Blue Jays show our Canadian national team?

" 'They fielded a boot leg lineup. Only guy I recognized was Michael Barrett.'

"Against Team Canada, the Jays had a lineup of Inglett, battling Jose Bautista for a back-up job, Barrett, fighting Chavez for the No. 2 catcher’s spot and McDonald with minor leaguers Russ Adams, Scott Campbell, Jason Lane, Randy Ruiz, Adam Loewen and Buck Coats."
Hey, Canada needed to rest up before they roughed up Joba Chamberlain today; he lasted only five hitters, with all coming around to score in Canada's 6-0 exhibition win over a bunch of guys wearing Yankees uniforms.

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