Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leaching off the system-QB label

Texas Tech's Mike Leach is obviously crazy for thinking NFL coaches should be expected to do some coaching:
"Leach, who scoffs at the system quarterback label, just about blew a gasket when I asked about the concern regarding Harrell's ability to work from under center and drop back to pass.

" 'You bring up easily the most pitiful NFL cop-out of all!' he hollered. 'And you can send that message to the whole NFL. Any coach who has ever said or uttered those words or considers that a concern, here's my message for them: How could you possibly look yourself in the mirror and consider yourself an NFL coach and not be able to teach a guy to run back three steps, five steps and seven steps? I can teach a child that!

" 'Any coach in the NFL who can't do that ought to be fired!' "
Leach adds that he would charge $10,000 to teach a quarterback how to do a proper three-, five- or seven-step drop, but he'll settle for 50 bucks.

Hmmm. It's almost life Leach is a little chapped that the NFL isn't busting down the maverick coach's door.

Texas Tech's Mike Leach has an offer for the NFL (Dallas Morning News)

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Dennis Prouse said...

LOVE Mike Leach.

Of course the NFL isn't breaking down his door. Dude is an iconoclast, and isn't a member of, "the club". He didn't play big time college football, didn't go to the right schools, and he doesn't coach an old school philosophy. Keep in mind how long it took Bill Walsh to get a head coaching job in the NFL - Walsh was also considered too "soft", too unconventional, and his offense not manly enough.

What Leach has done with Texas Tech, a school that has to live off all the kids whom Texas and Texas A&M don't want, is nothing short of remarkable. The fact that a cement head like Mike Tice was an NFL Head Coach, and Leach can't even get a sniff, is proof that life is not fair. If in fact he is bitter, he has every right to be.