Saturday, February 07, 2009

Snark break...

Hey, don't snap our fundies...

Long-time NBA player David Wesley is now a student manager for the Baylor Bears. Wesley made $32 million in his NBA career, making him the richest man to end up passing out towels since Conrad Black.

The upside of William Houston stepping away from The Globe & Mail: Team 1200 employees in Ottawa won't have to read that their station "is hurting."

The New York Knicks' trip to Europe next season has apparently been deep-sixed. That's good. People hate America enough already.

The easy way out: Ottawa can afford either a CFL or MLS team, but people will support neither.

Some people pay money to see Eklund's phony trade predictions. The funny part is you can see them for free, which is what they're worth.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • Kingston minor hockey product Mike Murphy of the Belleville Bulls got some virtual ink from Sports Illustrated. S.I., much like John Tavares last night, failed to notice Taylor Hall. That was a heavy hit. Between Kingston native Hall and the Frontenacs' Taylor Doherty levelling Tavares in the CHL top prospect game, Kingston is really doing a number on Tavares and London this month.

    Too soon?
  • Gaius Charles, you will be missed on Friday Night Lights. Friday marked Smash Williams' final episode and it was a beaut. Smash's three touchdowns in the 2006 state championship game and the way he was so good to his mom and little sister will not be forgotten.
  • Please spare a thought for the guys on the Oakville Seals senior hockey team, who just lost a teammate, Myles Marchenko, who died in his sleep recently, just 26 years old.

    (The Seals were part of the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic sports beat back in the day. Hang in there, everybody.)

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