Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hoops: Thompson takes game to Vegas

It's an ongoing commitment to keep up to speed with the teenage Canuck ballers who will lead us back to the Olympics one day. (Maybe so, maybe not, but let's at least perish the thought the hoops talent is lacking in Canada.)

Small forward Tristan Thompson is joining a top Las Vegas high school team that currently includes Toronto's Cory Joseph. Ours is not to question how Thompson could go from leaving a school in New Jersey to playing for Findlay Prep in Nevada; when you're on his strata as a player, this is pretty commonplace. His new team might not be done adding Canadian content, according to the Las Vegas Sun:
"Rumors now are also swirling regarding the future addition of sophomore guard Myck Kabongo, who currently plays at St. Benedict's and committed to Texas last month. He's also a childhood pal of Thompson and Joseph."
Again, it is something to be mindful of if you care about Canada's contributions to a game one of our own invented.

(Glove tap for the link to Ryan Wolstat at Courtside.)

Highly touted junior Thompson headed to Findlay Prep (Las Vegas Sun)

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