Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fronts: Werek, Gudbranson get glowing reviews...

Brock Otten at OHL Prospects had some observations about the Kingston Frontenacs' legitimate prospects after seeing them in action in St. Catharines earlier Sunday.

Suffice to say, those who follow the Fronts with clear eyes might not be surprised by Otten's observations. (Kingston lost 4-1 to the Niagara Ice Dogs, thanks for asking.)

  • Ethan Werek — "The best player on the ice for Kingston, no question. Werek was just about the only player generating real offensive chances for the Fronts ... I think this guy is a big NHL draft riser as he continues to get better and better."
  • Nathan Moon (Penguins draft pick) — "I see the flashes of skill, but I don't see the effort level. The Fronts went down 4-0 at the beginning of the 2nd period, and he appeared to just give up. He stopped battling for loose pucks, and began to float."
  • Colt Kennedy — "I'm not sure how much offensive ability he really has, but he's a good energy guy ... I've heard he is getting some minor attention for the 2009 draft though and could end up as a late pick."
  • Taylor Doherty — "He was a complete non-factor. On the first Ice Dog goal by (ex-Frontenac Thomas) Middup, he failed to tie up his man going to the net, and Middup was able to bang home a juicy rebound. I don't think he attempted to rush the puck up ice once this game and looked tentative and scared with it on his stick. Early in the third period, he took a lazy hooking penalty in his own zone and I don't think he saw the ice again in the game. This was also the first game I've noticed his skating being a potential issue."
  • Erik Gudbranson — "He actually showed more of a physical edge than I had seen before from him and he appears to be becoming more confident in using his size to his advantage ... He has great puck skills and a big shot, so it's disappointing to me that Coach Killer doesn't have him out there gaining experience on the PP."
  • Brian Lashoff — "He enters the offensive zone effortlessly, and does a good job running the point on the powerplay, although I'd like to see him move around a little more as I found him to be a little stiff at the point."

Thoughts on Kingston from February 15 (Brock Otten, OHL Prospects)

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