Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snark break...

Hang on, the Pogge kid is asking for bus fare...

Manny Ramirez finally got an offer, for $3,000 a month from the Can-Am League's Worcester Tornadoes. The Edmonton Cracker-Cats better break out their chequebook. (One of ManRam's former teammates, Abe Alvarez, signed to play in Italy this season. Can't you see Manny knocking back a shot of a grappa, then blasting a three-run homer?)

Someone, please, figure out how the Buffalo Sabres' Daniel Paille was minus-1 last night when his team beat the Edmonton Oilers 10-2.

Two QMJHL teams, Lewiston and Acadie-Bathurst, are rumoured to be on the move. They can move to Kingston, there's no major junior team there.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting


eyebleaf said...

They can move to Kingston, there's no major junior team there.


Dennis Prouse said...

My wife is from Northern NB, and it would be a shame if the Titan were to move. There isn't a heck of a lot up there sports wise, and the team is definitely an important part of the community. Of course, the Morrissettes have moved the team once already, so in a way Bathurst is like the woman whose husband is on marriage #2. If he left the first wife, he can leave you too.

The Q, though, is running out of places to put teams. St. John's is just too expensive for travel, as both the A and the Q have learned the hard way. Fredericton has been talked about, but I have no idea if the arena is big enough. It always struck me as a shame that Sherbrooke ever moved to an outpost like Lewiston - they should just go back from whence they came.

Duane Rollins said...

The Aiken Centre in Fredericton sits about 3,000. It's a stunning rink, but it needs more seats.

Fredericton is a near perfect junior hocket market, however.

Dennis Prouse said...

Herein lies the problem. You used to be able to make it in junior hockey on 2,000 a night, but now teams look at the crowds being drawn by the big market clubs, and they want their 5,000 a night also.

In a place like Bathurst, 2,500 a night is about all they can reasonably expect. (Dave Branch is from Bathurst originally - you can bet he would like to keep the team there.) There are fewer than 13,000 people in Bathurst itself, and only about 30,000 in the region, and even that involves drawing a VERY generous circle. I know the Morrissettes wanted to go to Saint John a few years ago, but the Q beat them to it and put an expansion team there. Maybe they could go to Freddy, but I am just not convinced they would draw a whole lot better there either.

You would think, though, that the owners would be smarter than to try to play the pity card. "We have to see if the city wants us." Give me a break. No one is going to see your games based just on sympathy. You have to market your product effectively, and make the games an event at which people want to be. For casual fans, this is an entertainment product and choice just like any other, and you have to make your case as to why they should choose yours.

Sam said...

I wonder how many ex-Jays in the last 10 years have gone on to play in a World Series. I mean other than Hinske it seems like the best way to revitalize a career is to come to Toronto and dog it, then leave to an average team, which will somehow become playoff bound, and you'll have a brilliant season.

sager said...

Quite a few Jays, but I've made my feelings known on the media's fascination with pointing out ex-Jays on playoff teams.

Baseball is a business and there's no 53-man roster like the NFL. When someone such as Matt Stairs goes to Philly for 2 months and gets a ring, or Hinske gets one after getting to bat only twice in the playoffs (and striking out each time), I don't begrudge them. I'm happy for them.

John Edwards said...

Freddy is the only Maritime market that the Q hasn't tried yet.

As for Quebec, Lewiston's likely going to a new rink north of Montreal (assuming they pay the 6-7-figure indemnity the Junior want). I saw an article mention Granby as a possible destination, and I have to think someone will try Sherbrooke again - despite its spotty QMJHL history.

All the CHL leagues are running out of places to put teams.