Thursday, January 22, 2009

Snark break ...

Good night for the Leafs, giving a good show before losing ... do the Raptors realize John Tavares doesn't play basketball (well, not yet)? ... here's an imagined celebrity roast of Tony Dungy . On with the dumb jokes ....

Toronto organizers will soon announce where events would be held if the city lands the 2015 Pan Am Games. Nowhere would be a good answer.

Two rules for the fratboy corner of the blogeteriat. You're not allowed to link to a picture of a female athlete, such as Serbian lady baller Milica Dabović (pictured), who's posed unclad for FHM magazine, unless you've heard of her or start following her sport. It's for your own good.

Tampa Bay Lightning co-owner Oren Koules, when he was a junior hockey player, was on the Spokane WHL team when it folded. It was good preparation for his stint as a NHL owner. The fruit doesn't fall far from the clueless tree.

(That was actually gleaned from a pretty good interview with Team 1200 personality Glenn Kulka.)

George Costanza himself, Jason Alexander, is shilling for the same poker website as Mats Sundin. It makes sense, since Sundin has been playing like he's trying to get fired.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • He's still Rick Reilly, once in a while. The former S.I. scribe's column on Larry Fitzgerald Sr., the sportswriter dad of the Arizona Cardinals receiver, is a good read.
  • Please spare a thought for former Canadiens, Leafs and Hull Olympiques coach Pat Burns in his cancer fight.
  • A tip of the cap is due to the pride of Odessa, Aaron Doornekamp, and his Carleton Ravens teammates for being honoured at last night's Ottawa Sports Awards. Veteran basketball coach John Scobie was also honoured, which is a long time coming. (Three guesses if yours truly warranted an invitation, the first two don't count.)

    The Ravens have a RMC/Queen's road trip this weekend, so the Kingston Whig-Standard should have some coverage of the Kingston trio of Doornekamp, Rob Saunders and Stu Turnbull.
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Anonymous said...

Nice that uOttawa got Josh Wright to transfer HERE, following the example of the transfer-happy football GGs.

It is obvious that the next transfer they should seek out is
Milica Dabovic. She would look fine in a Gee-Gee uniform--real fine--and be quite a draw for next years MBNA Capital Hoops Classic.

Oh well. Dream on ....Ottawafan!