Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snark break ...

First of all, wish a happy birthday to our own GJH; many metaphorical beers will be downed in his honour.

A quick update on the situation with WTVH-5 in Syracuse. It is resolved, notwithstanding anything one has to suck up. The Josh Wright story was taken down promptly after the issue was raised, and after being informed of the shock and stress that stemmed from seeing one's own article used word-for-word by another media outlet (below the byline "By WTVH Sports," which apparently is posted automatically when articles are posted to the website), sports director Kevin Maher and president and general manager Matt Rosenfeld each apologized for the inconvenience.

Any lingering self-loathing is neither here nor there. For pity's sake (literally), it was the lead story on WTVH-5's website last Thursday. Some would say that some hickish geek from small-town Canada should be so lucky to get that kind of media exposure. On with the cheap jokes ...

Little League Baseball Canada has been stripped of its charitable status. Far be it to point out that it's odd, whatever the reason, that none of the sports bodies affected by this involve hockey.

Golfer Adam Scott and actress Kate Hudson are apparently dating. He was looking in the deep rough for his ball one day and found her career. (Bride Wars might be the greatest career-ender since thanking Hitler.)

Michael Bishop is preparing for "life without football," says the National Post. Make your own Detroit Lions joke.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting:
  • Stampede Blue has linked to everything written about retiring NFL coach Tony Dungy.

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