Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snark break ... Yamarin away

The Snuggie is being advertised on prime-time TV ... there's an omen.

Minnesota Wild GM Doug Risebrough, coming clean on the Doug Gilmour deal with the Leafs 17 years ago, "This general manager does know one thing. The only Stanley Cup Doug Gilmour ever won was as a Calgary Flame." The nerve of him. How dare someone who was on five Stanley Cup-winning teams take a dig at Leafs Nation.

The Atlanta Braves signed high school pitcher named Yoshinori Yamarin. Presumably he was the Japanese pitcher the Blue Jays were said to be pursuing the other day. (What's Japanese for Tnstaapp?)

Apparently the NHL is equivalent to Spam, or something.

This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • Please note that ex-Leafs captain Rick Vaive told globesports.com, "If they had a questionnaire for each player, I think people would be surprised by the number of players in the NHL who would say they don't want fighting."

    It's too bad NHLPA boss Paul Kelly would never do that. Since when do union leaders ask workers about safety concerns
  • Cox Bloc expanded its scope to the hinterlands of Ontario outside the 416 area code for its most recent post and well, a lot of innocent people were harmed.

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