Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snark break ... new meaning to 'football mum'

As you readied for Trafficageddon, Day 2 ... and Bryan McCabe's much-anticipated return to the Air Canada Centre.

A good friend became a parent the other day (congratulations!), but suffice to say it probably wasn't like this:
"A football-mad mother stunned hospital midwives by demanding to give birth wearing the strip of her favourite team. Jennifer Peaty astounded staff at Falkirk Royal Infirmary with her unusual request to get changed shortly after going into labour. Husband Kevan was on hand to help his wife into his favourite Falkirk Football Club shirt shortly before the birth of the couple's first son."
Country star Carrie Underwood and the Senators' Mike Fisher are an item. She already recorded a fight song for Ottawa's playoff run. It's called Just A Dream.

(Yes, linking to the song to explain the joke is hacky, but someone'e ego could not handle having a overlap with Carrie Underwood's fanbase. Like Hank III said, the Grand Ole Opry ain't so grand any more.

The World Juniors finally ended. Those of us who like focusing on the 5% that's wrong with it instead of the 95% that's right feel strangely bereft. Talk about a Canadian conundrum. The International Ice Hockey Federation wants the tournament here every year and Canada doesn't.
This post is worth nothing, but this is worth noting
  • One is more inclined to hope Dan Boyle, the San Jose Sharks d-man, can get another a Stanley Cup ring after hearing him talk about what he left behind in Tampa Bay:
    "I remember back to 2004, to our championship run. An amazing time for all of us. People were excited in Tampa. Hockey mattered. That building really rocked. Now most nights it's half full. We were just a couple years removed from a Stanley Cup, and they blew it up. It's turned into a revolving door there.

    "I guess it's only human nature to watch what's going on there, but it's not anything to gloat about. Nothing to take pleasure in.

    "It's sad."
    Tampa Bay Lightning owners Oren Koules and Len Barrie: Two more people Gary Bettman would rather deal with than Jim Balsillie.
  • As you know, I do support Syracuse in college basketball, and Hoops Addict has them ranked No. 6 in the NCAA. Andy Rautins (Leo's son) is blossoming into a big-time scorer.
  • Rod Marinelli, the same guy who presided over the Detroit Lions' 0-16 season, might end up becoming the defensive line coach with the Chicago Bears.
  • TSN pretty much kicked CBC Sports around the block in the hockey ratings wars.
  • Ottawa's Tyler Holmes starts for Tulsa vs. Ball State in tonight's GMAC Bowl (8 p.m. Eastern, The Score).


Dennis Prouse said...

The news about Fisher answers some questions. Sorry to go old school, but this seems like clear evidence that he has gone Hollywood, (or Nashville, as it were) and isn't as focused and hungry as he once has. Good grief, couldn't one of the players' wives have just fixed him up with one of their friends? (Pre-arranged marriages had their virtues, you know. :-) )

I was lucky enough to be at the game last night. Junior and I were in standing room, but we were there, and it was indeed a thrill. It was interesting to watch how Quinn managed his bench. Remember how everyone talked about Canada's lack of depth at the beginning of the tournament? Well, Quinn had an easy solution to that problem - he just didn't play his weaker players, and rode his top players like donkeys.

The IIHF doesn't appear to publish time-on-ice stats, but I swear to God that Hodgson, Subban and Tavares never left the ice. Conversely, there were at least half a dozen Canadian kids with pretty dry hair at the end of that game. It's actually not a bad strategy - both the Lightning in '04 and the Ducks in '07 won a Stanley Cup by riding their top guys, and keeping their fourth line and third defence pairing largely stapled to the bench. It makes you wonder why they need a 20 man roster. (The 22 players allowed in international play is beyond ridiculous.)

sager said...

Good stuff, Dennis ... and what is Hollywood but Nashville with a tan, to quote the old song?

I have to confess that I never really appreciated that teams to get to dress 22 skaters in international hockey. I honestly thought the 13th forward was up in the press box!

Anonymous said...

How about Canada, USA, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Europe West (Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc.), Europe East (Slovakia, Slovenia, Kazakstan etc.).

Most of the under 18 & 17 tourneys split Canada up, and maybe you could even do that. Or like I say, strengthen the competition. I think more people would care about this thing if it were more of a dogfight from the get-go. I was in Europe playing on a tour in '86 when the lights went out (Canada/Russia), and there was a real buzz then, we had to assure the youth clubs we were playing against that there would "be no shenanigans".....good times.