Saturday, January 24, 2009

A reminder to enjoy every sandwich ...

Chris Lynch over A Large Regular just put up a post that was a reminder that the late Warren Zevon would have been 62 years old today.

There was a time back around 2000, 2001, through his death in September 2003, personally speaking, when Warren Zevon was a lifesaver. To each her/his own when it comes to music, but since Zevon had a couple sports songs -- eponymous odes to Bill Lee and the boxer Boom Boom Mancini, along with the hockey anthem Hit Somebody.

Warren might have only come to my attention since David Letterman was such a big fan and had him on Late Night and The Late Show so often. Maybe it's best just to share a few of his appearances with Dave:

The last Letterman appearance, Oct. 30, 2002:

All these years later, thanks again, Warren. Being down in Adelaide sipping Foster's in the shade sounds really good these days.


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Love Warren Zevon. There was a great ESPN column by Hunter S. Thompson on sitting around and watching hockey with him.

Anonymous said...

Of course, everyone remembers Zevon's signature"Werewolves of London'....
Well, I discovered, much to my chagrin, that particular line of the song causes certain breeds of dog, namely Rottweilers,
I was at a party where this large dog was sleeping peacefully...until somebody got the bright idea of putting on some music.
Yes, you guessed it.
Immediately, that 'weiler woke from his deep sleep and went absolutely snake, growling, snarling and barking uncontrollably.
Very scary.
The guy who put on the CD apologized, saying he had no idea the dog would react that way.
But from the smirk on his face, I could tell he was lying.

sager said...

Funny how it works out that I put a music post and Poz comes out with a list of iconic songs.

Nothing from Neil Young or Warren Zevon, which is fine by me.

The Band was on there, although it wasn't my favourite song by The Band.