Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get that man a "Mrs. Tebow" T-shirt...

One of the beauties of being a sports geek in Canada: No ESPN. It taints our collective unconscious enough already since it does influences TSN, but you can avoid directly dealing with candidates for sainthood such as Skip Bayless, who actually claimed that Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow "is the next Favre."

Granted, Bayless had more basis for that claim than he did when he tried to out Troy Aikman several years ago. It's a blog rule to avoid two-paragraph posts, but this is worth it for Stephen A. Smith's reaction. Screamin' A might not recover:
"Sixty thousand plus yards that Brett Favre has passed for. He's going to the Hall of Fame and Tim Tebow, who hasn't played one single, one single football down in the NFL, is going to be the next Brett Favre."
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Anonymous said...

I remember listening to Skip Bayless when he was a substitute host for Jim Rome a few years ago.
He ought to change his name to Skip Clueless, because basically, that's what all his takes are.
The kind of clown that gives sports talk radio a bad name.

Dennis Prouse said...

Bayless is just another sorry carnival barker who thinks that the more outrageous his statements are, the more people will pay attention. +1 to Smith for giving him the mocking he so richly deserved. (I actually think Tebow will be a good NFL QB, but it shames me to think that Skip Bayless has the same views.)