Friday, January 23, 2009

Fronts: Stop, you had us at Brett Lindros

C'est la vie in the world of the Springer Frontenacs.

The Manchurian Coach, Dougie!, gave more assurances that he is coming back next season. Left unsaid is that if Doug Gilmour knows he's coming back, then ipso facto, that means owner Doug Springer must not be planning any major changes, specifically with GM-for-life Larry Mavety. Meantime, the Fronts got some nice left-handed compliments in an out-of-town paper.

Far be it to criticize one's own corporate brethren, but the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder had an article day that started off with a nice human interest angle on David Murphy, the Fronts' TV play-by-play man. Murph (not Murph Dog, that would be Jan Murphy from the Whig-Standard) is a good guy. He used to work in Cornwall.

Then it veered off a little into this travelogue that took swipes at the team's record and the wind coming off the lake. The latter is off-limits to outsiders, by the way. Only long-time Kingstonians and Queen's students f.
"There isn't a bad seat in the place, and some of the best of the 5,700 that are available often sit empty. The original expectations of 3,300 per game haven't been met, largely because the Frontenacs continue to be a bad team, 20 games under .500.

"Kingston Canadians graduates include Cornwall's Steve Seguin, and other former NHLers Mike O'Connell, Mike Gillis, Ken Linseman, Tony McKegney, Tim Kerr and Bernie Nicholls.

"Kingston Frontenacs graduates and NHLers include Cornwall's Chad Kilger, as well as Brett Lindros, Craig Rivet, Jan Bulis and Sean Avery.

"Problem is, that's a roll call that spans decades. (The Canadians entered the OHL in 1973; they became the Frontenacs in 1989. The Canadians only once won a regular season division title. Neither version has ever played in the OHL finals.)

"But go if you get an opportunity. Go for the sightlines, go for the excellent calibre of OHL play, go for the endzone restaurant and the roomy concession areas and gift shop."
Shorter version: The team sucks (and were Kinger here, he'd point that it was 3,500 a game and that one division title in 1994-95 came during the Frontenacs era), but it's still strange. The gist of it is seems to be that the Frontenacs are terrible, the walk from the car to the K-Rock Centre can be "
a most unpleasant trek" due to the winds, but really you should go, because you can be back in Cornwall by midnight.

The Fronts are home to the Erie Otters tonight. Good sections of seats are still available.

I'm not going anywhere: Gilmour; Fronts' rookie coach says he'll return next season (Doug Graham, Kingston Whig-Standard)
New arena, same old team (Todd Hambleton, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder)

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kinger said...

It *was* 3,500, and actually in the initial business plan it was actually either 3,800 or 4,000, I can't remember which. But it's in my award winning story about attendance on Youtube.

Given the tone of the Whig's story with Gilmour emphasizing how much closer he'll be working with Mavety next year, you have to assume the both of them are coming back next year. And what effect that'll have on season ticket renewals remains to be seen (but not to be foreseen).