Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Before Brett Hull goofed, there was another GM with a tie to Belleville

Michael Farber's Sports Illustrated suplex of Sean Avery is being passed around today. One couldn't help but notice the burn on a certain GM-for-life of the Kingston Frontenacs, who traded for the young Avery once upon a time.
"Owen Sound G.M. Ray McKelvie recalls, " 'A lot of people had already gotten the idea that he wasn't a team player. It was hard to make a deal that made sense for us, until one night in Kingston he had three (goals) and three (assists). A couple of days later (Kingston G.M. Larry Mavety) and I had a deal. Sean could get people riled up, but he was an excellent player." (emphasis mine.)
One of Mavety's trademarks is trading for players based on what they have done vs. the Frontenacs. It is not far off from, "Hey, he scored two goals against us that one time, let's get him." They can't argue with the results -- namely, the fact the team has won less than 40% of its games since Mavety and owner Doug Springer's unholy alliance began a decade ago.

It has even made it as far, however indirectly, as the bible of sports journalism. Seriously, read that Farber piece, it's a beauty.

Meantime, there might be a happy ending for a player whom Mavety did poorly by, former Frontenacs first-rounder Luke Pither. He has been traded to the Belleville Bulls.

(Update: In his first game for Belleville, Pither, the former Frontenacs first-rounder, had five points vs. Oshawa. Meantime, Anthony Peters, who didn't win a game in Kingston this season, ended up getting a shutout out for Saginaw, with fan favourite Kyle Bochek scoring a goal. In the words of Dr. Christopher Turk, "Welcome!")

The Trouble With Sean Avery (Michael Farber, Sports Illustrated; via Torontosportsmedia's Weblog)


Anonymous said...

Journal de Montreal and Radio-Canada are saying that Craig Hartsburg and Bryan Murphy are out and Pat Quinn and Bob Nicholson are in.
Seems far -fetched, and I beleive le Journal is known for far out stuff, but we will see shortly.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shoutout

Anonymous said...

By Mav logic, too bad the Fronts couldn't pick up Bryan Cameron.

Pither already has a goal and an assist tonight against the Gens.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ottawa's Brian MURRAY, ok?
Jesus Murphy, you call yourself Ottawa Fan, yet screw up the name of the Sens GM?

sager said...

Relax, you're talking about one of our best commenters. Man, no one here goofs up more than I do!

Murphy, Murray? Does your last name matter when your first name will soon be Former?

Anonymous said...

WhaT I need Neate, is a good copy editor--know of any available?


Andy said...

Was talking to an Avery-era Frontenac (who actually liked Avery) who noted that Mav dealt two 'captain-like players' for Avery and a throw-in with a predilection for the nightlife. He notes that Mav always trades character guys, and always ends up with projects/troublemakers.