Saturday, December 20, 2008

World Juniors: Feel free to play general manager in 3-2-1

Some collisions in hockey have two victims. A couple sources out west are reporting that Team Canada's Dana Tyrell, who laid out the Swedish phenom Victor Hedman on the first shift of last night's exhibition game, might be out of the tournament.
"Sources have told The Citizen that Tyrell has a knee injury and his participation in the tournament is in serious question -- national junior team officials have not confirmed the reports. Team Canada's first WJC game is Boxing Day against the Czech Republic.

"A year ago, Tyrell suffered a knee strain that kept him from being at his best for the national junior team's final selection camp, and he was released." -- Jim Swanson
Far be it to say, "It can't be true, TSN does not have anything up on their website yet." The whole country, of course (this in some TSN's executive fantasy, not in tangible reality) was already debating the merits of only having 12 forwards on the final roster. If Tyrell can't go, that opens the door to bringing someone back (please let it be Taylor Hall, please let it be Taylor Hall).

Dana Tyrell hurt, WJC in question (Jim Swanson, Prince George Citizen)
Is Dana done? (Dean Millard, Coming Down The Pipe!)


kinger said...

Or, as Sean McCormick called him on Sportsnet last night - "Tryell".

No, I have nothing constructive to contribute.

Sportsdump said...

Taylor Hall noticeable absent from the U20 mens team surprised a lot of people. Perhaps he didn't have a good camp unlike his gold medal performance with the U17s this past summer. Possibly an undisclosed injury?

But I wouldn't be suprised if the Spits didn't release Hall to Hockey Canada as he's a box office draw for Windsor's new arena; and we all know those growing pains.

If Tyrell is out, I'm hoping Hall is called up. He may perform a clinic around Tavares.

sager said...

TSN is saying Evander Kane (Vancouver Giants) replace Tyrell, whose injury seems pretty significant.

Anonymous said...

To Sportsdump
Per agreement the chl has with hockey canada.No chl team can refuse to release a player.