Monday, December 08, 2008

Winning when it counts

The Canadian women's soccer community has to be shaking its collective head this morning with the news that the U.S. u-20 girls team are world champions.

Us Canucks aren't all that confused by the America victory. The Yanks are pretty good at the women's footy, you know. But, it has to burn just a little bit to realize that Canada defeated the U.S. at the CONCACAF championships earlier this year. How can we beat the world champions in the summer, and crap out of the group stage of the World Cup later that same year?

It's a question that has no easy answer. But, maybe one solution could be an improvement in coaching. As we've been over a million times already, Canada looks internally far too often when it comes to coaching our national teams. The result is usually middling at best.

Which makes the news that Carolina Morace is apparently the front runner to take over the senior national program so exciting (to say nothing of the fact that I was the first person to write about it. Not that I expect credit. I'm just sayin').

We need a Morace at this point of our development as an on the cusp of greatness women's soccer power. If not for the tactical changes she would being to the program, than at least for the symbolism of her appointment. Canada has a reputation of settling. Morace would signal that the CSA was finally ready to think big.

In the CSA's latest blueprint it suggests that it has a goal of winning the women's World Cup. It's time to back up those big words with actual action.

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