Monday, December 08, 2008

Curb your enthusiasm...

Try not to get too excited: It will be the Buffalo Bulls (8-5) vs. the Connecticut Huskies (7-5) in the International Bowl at Rogers Centre on Jan. 3.

Buffalo coach Turner Gill not only played in the CFL with the old Montreal Concordes in the '80s, but a lot of people in Central New York see him a possible saviour of Syracuse Orange football. There's something. Does that whet the appetite or what? There's is theorizing that getting an extra two weeks of practice to prepare for a game on Jan. 3 that really should be on Dec. 20 will pay off for the teams next season (it didn't hurt Ball State, up until last Friday; it didn't help Rutgers much, going by their record).

So, come on, International Bowl fever. What else are you doing on January 3?


Anonymous said...

International Bowl?
This game is about as "international" as an IHOP.
Why not invite a half decent, non major bowl bound program and match them up against a CIS all-star squad?
At least fans would have a rooting interest.
What, pray tell, is compelling about a game between the Buffalo Bulls and Connecticut, known more for basketball than football.
Maybe Buffalo U fans will trek to the Rogers Centre, but certainly not in numbers that would even half fill the place.
Pointless exercise is the phrase that comes to mind....

sager said...

Well, all the bowl games are pointless exercises, except for the Bogus Clusterf--k Series championship game and the ones where a non-BCS team pulls off an upset.

Oh, and the Texas and GMAC Bowls are big since we have Ottawa kids starting in them!