Monday, December 01, 2008

Some 'little helpers' for Raps fans

Below the jump a helpful suggestion for Raptors fans as we enter the holiday season.

Take two, three times daily, with water. Do not combine with sports talk radio or Dave Feschuk columns. If experiencing chest pains or shortness of breath, watch highlights of game three of the 2007-08 playoffs between Orlando and Toronto. Side effects may include the belief that a NBA championship team could have Jamario Moon as its starting small forward, an impulse to sing 'Jose, Jose, Jose,' the inability to rebound the basketball and the homicide of Vince Carter.

DO NOT TAKE WITH BLUE AND WHITE IBELEAF PILLS. The human mind is only so strong.

Abandon all hope if symptoms persist into 2009.

1 comment:

eyebleaf said...

Surely you meant "EYEBLEAF" pills.

Jose, JoseJoseJose. Joseeeee. Joseeee. Jose! JoseJoseJose!!!!!