Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No MLB Network? Time to get as mad as hell

This is not surprising.
"By the way, once again MLB is ignoring Canada. The 24-hour MLB Network for the moment will not be available to Canadian viewers." — Richard Griffin
The Tao of Stieb noted some time ago that there was a report that Canada would be the first country to expand to if the channel — which launches Jan. 1 — goes international. Thing is, Rogers Sportsnet supposedly has a licence for a 24-hour baseball, but hasn't done anything with it.

Oh, well. Canadian ball fans are doing quite well at finding other places to get their baseball fix if the major media outlets in this country don't want to cater to the second-biggest bloc of sports fans in Canada (granted, after No. 1, there's good-sized drop-off).


Duane Rollins said...

The MLB network is covering the NFL?


Anonymous said...

I blame Rogers more than anyone.