Thursday, December 11, 2008

News of debatable importance out of Van City

MLS King Don Garber had nothing but positive things to say about Vancouver's MLS bid during his tour there yesterday. Shocking!

Don's Expansionpalooza Tour, where he is visiting each of the six remaining cities, is a mostly feel good affair (with a liberal sprinkling of thinly veiled threats). It's hard to take much of what he says seriously.

Of course, the true believers in each city hang on every syllable, looking for the nugget of "truth" that might be there.

Then, people like me will take his words and over analysis them for days on end (until he shows up in the next location).

For the record Don said that "(w)e were impressed with BC Place Stadium during yesterday's tour and believe that the downtown location in the heart of Vancouver's sports and entertainment district could provide a world-class environment for an MLS expansion team. Seeing the stadium helped to bring the renderings of the proposed renovations to life and confirmed that the renovations are on track to create an intimate soccer atmosphere."

There ya go. It's gotta be the Whitecaps to lose, right? Unless it's Portland's. Or Miami's. Or...

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