Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Habs fans caught sleeping. "No-name" Crosby vaults to the lead in all-star voting

Whether it was a case of Montreal fans becoming just a little too self-conscious, a backlash against insane homerism, or just that they ran out off all-star ballets in Quebec is unclear. But, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have managed to vault past Alex Tanguay in voting for the eastern conference all-star team.

It doesn't really matter of course. No one actually cares about the all-star game. Except the fans in the home arena. So, it says here let the Habs fans have their fun (and not just because it further solidifies their evolution into Leafs fans with better accents). Forget getting Alex Ovechkin into the starting line-up. Let's all band together to make sure Saku Koivu plays. Hell, is Guy Lafleur available?

Less effort will be needed to get the defense and goaltending all Habie. Mike Komisarek still has 80,000 votes on Sergei Gonchar and even if Marc-Andre Fleury catches Carey Price the 'keeper will still be French, eh.

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