Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finishing just out of the medals ... part of our heritage

Congratulations are due to The Joy of Sox, James Mirtle's From The Rink and Cynthia Long's Beijing 2008: A Dual Perspective for podiuming (not a real word) in the Canadian Blog Awards, Best Sports Blog division.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this site. It was, to evoke the words of many a Canadian athlete, a victory just to be in the final, and saying that might not make us the best, but it makes us the most thoroughly Canadian ... eh?


Duane Rollins said...

Yes, congratulations to all. And, that is a very Canadian way to put it. Of course, that's what we are. Canadian. So, it was nice to be considered for the best Canadian sports blog in Canada. Hopefully we can keep growing our audience by continuing to write about Canadian stories and by putting a Canadian perspective on the world of sport. That would be the Canadian thing to do.

Congrats aging, eh.

Robert C. said...

I can honestly say I've never read those other blogs that finished ahead of this one. Not the Canadian thing to say but it's true. LOL.

Duane Rollins said...

Ok, I'll say it straight. Joy of Sox does what it does well. And, it clearly has readers. I hold no grudge towards them.

But, I just think that the best sports blog in Canada should actually write about Canadian things. We get U.S. sports up the wazoo here in the Canadian MSM. Blogs are about the margins (as Neate tries to teach me everyday). The Red Sox are pretty much center of the page in bold writing stuff.

Again...nothing against Joy of Sox. But, should a blog that's entire focus is on an American subject even be eligible to win a Canadian award? I have my opinion, but maybe I'm wrong...

Let me say this one more time. I have nothing against Joy of Sox. They deserved to win based on the rules of the competition as they stand today. We were never going to have a chance in this because we write about sports topics that are (sadly, in my opinion) really on the margins (junior hockey, CIS sport, Canadian soccer, etc.). I'm kind of stunned and proud that we have enough dedicated readers to even place fifth.

Mike Radoslav said...

Thanks to everyone who voted and took this blog to fifth place, that's outstanding! No worries this blog will be back, we're not going anywhere! ;)

James Mirtle said...

I can never get up the heart to seriously campaign for these things... it'd be nice if there was some sort of a rule that you couldn't do so or something.

Second's an improvement for me anyway. :)

Duane Rollins said...


You'd win by 5,000 votes if you actually tried. We all know it. The bug up my ass has nothing to do with not winning. The day a Canadian blog that has "DeRo," "Mav And Springer 4-Ever" and a feature called "CIS Corner" wins is the day we had all best repent. My issue is that the guy at Joy of Sox can't even be bothered to link Canadian baseball blogs, let alone write about Canadian baseball topics. It might as well be written in New England. Yet, it gets to call itself the best Canadian sports blog.

Call me an irrational nationalist if you must, but that's just wrong. Even if no one outside of us geeks actually cares.

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