Sunday, December 14, 2008

A final word on DeRo (for now)

It's still settling in. For the non-soccer folks out there allow me to draw an analogy.

This was Nash to the Raptors. Obviously the scale is a little smaller, but to soccer fans in this city it's a near perfect comparison.

I wrote yesterday about the emotion of the move -- and that's still where my head is on this -- but there is an on-the-pitch factor to look at too. I went down that road tonight over at The 24th Minute.

The potential for offense in the TFC line-up for next year is staggering. The lack of depth at forward and the lack of a centreback, period, are frightening. I'll leave it at that, here.

From a TFC perspective, most of the reaction to the trade has been positive (and by most I mean all). Although many are suggesting that there is a certain amount of logic behind the move by Houston.

To their credit, Houston fans have largely stayed classy. DeRo will not get vincecartered when he goes back to H-Town.

Toronto fans are pretty much losing their mind with joy.

And, so they should.

Now about bringing that point guard north from Phoenix...


kinger said...

Houston fans?

Duane Rollins said...

They drew 30,000 for their playoff game this year. Houston is one of MLS' best markets.