Friday, December 19, 2008

Campus corner: Ravens, Acadia to clash; matchup with X looms

Notes on our athletes/teams of interest from The 613...


The Grand National Championships
has a look at every NCAA bowl game, all 34 of them.

Circle the Texas Bowl on Dec. 30, since Manotick's Scott Mitchell is starting at left tackle for the Rice Owls vs. Western Michigan. The game will be on the NFL Network.

Also save the date for GMAC Bowl on Jan. 6, with Ottawa's Tyler Holmes starting for Tulsa against Ball State, which is being ballyhooed as an "offensive classic."

There's actually a chance that Mitchell could end up blocking for the Sam McGuffie during his senior season in 2010. McGuffie is a YouTube superstar who's apparently transferring, likely to a school in Texas.

Small world, eh

  • Ravens: Carleton will face Acadia in a rematch of last season's national semi-final at the Jan. 2-4 Rod Shoveller tourney in Halifax.

    Acadia, of course, is a far cry from the team that ended Carleton's five-year title run in March. Les Berry is out as coach, shutdown post defender Achuil Lual graduated and they also lost Paolo Santana and Andrew Kraus, among others. One also wonders what's up with Ottawa native Leo Saintil, who's played in only two AUS games.

    The schedule is set up in home of having a Carleton-St. Francis Xavier or Carleton-Saint Mary's championship game. Carleton vs. St. FX would be a good one. The X-Men have a great backcourt with Tyler Richards and Christian Upshaw, who would keep Carleton's Mike Kenny, Rob Saunders and Stu Turnbull very busy.

    Aaron Doornekamp would also be sharing the paint with the explosive Islam Luiz de Toledo. A game in January ultimately doesn't decide anything, but if this matchup comes off, it will be one that gets recalled around Final 8 time.


Anonymous said...

From what I've been told, Leonel Saintil has been experiencing serious back problems which has kept him out of the Acadia lineup virtually all season.
I believe this is the first time in about 2-3 years that Carleton has participated in a holiday tournament against CIS teams.
Carleton v St.FX would be a great game, not only for the talent on display, but as a barometer for how the AUS would fare at nationals.

sager said...

I'd heard that, but couldn't find a link in the middle of the night, so I didn't want to speculate without anything so concrete.

Is it too early to start playing bracketology

1) Carleton (host)
2) UBC (Can West)
3) St. FX (Atlantic)
4) Calgary (Can West)
5) Western (OUA West)
6) McGill (Quebec champ)
7) Ottawa (OUA third-place)
8) UVic (wild card)

Or something like that.